10 terms every Green Beauty Lover must be Aware of

10 terms every Green Beauty Lover must be Aware of

10 terms every Green Beauty Lover must be Aware of

While purchasing your beauty products make sure the ingredients are free of the following –

SLES– Sodium Laureth Sulphate is an inexpensive foaming agent used widely in soaps and shampoo. While it is known to be an irritant, there are also speculations that it could be a carcinogen.

Paraben– is one of the most commonly used preservatives in beauty products as well as pharmaceutical  products. Although , there have been no direct links between paraben and cancer various researches claim to have proven paraben as a common carcinogen.

Artificial Colours – known to be a common irritant, they have been under the scanner for quite some time. There have been claims of it being an irritant , carcinogen and contributor to ADHD .

Petrochemicals – these are chemical by products of petroleum and speculated of being carcinogenic , allergenic and toxic for the nervous and respiratory system. Mineral oil and paraffin are good examples.

Synthetic Fragrances – Most of them are derived from petrochemicals and considered to be potentially hazardous . Speculative of causing allergies , birth defects and even cancer , they have also been linked to common endocrine disorders.

Fillers – they are ingredients used as lubricants to give texture .

Phthalates are chemicals used to improve the flexibility of plastics. Common concerns may be  allergies , endocrine disruptions and even breast cancer.

Emulsifiers – emulsifiers are used to hold substances that do not remain intact in natural conditions. The problem with emulsifiers is that they penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and hinder the natural balance.

Stabilisers – stabilisers are gums that work with emulsifiers to maintain the texture and create texture in water-based products that would otherwise be runny.

GMO – Genetically modified organism generally means any organism whose genetic material has been modified  using genetic engineering technique. For instance if you come across vegetables and fruits that last much longer than they are supposed to , it is likely that they have been genetically modified. The problem is these materials can sometimes find their way into our blood stream causing health hazards.

Lastly, make sure the products are Cruelty free , eco friendly and involves fair trade*  for we want a better and safer planet not just for ourselves but also for animals .

Fair Trade – trade between companies in which fair prices are paid to the producers.

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10 terms every Green Beauty Lover must be Aware of
10 terms every Green Beauty Lover must be Aware of

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