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Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca
Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca
Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca

Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca

Winter is a great time for connection with loved ones, good food, warmth and getting cosy beside the fire. However, the skin definitely goes for a complete toss. Regardless of your skin type, we all desire for supple and well hydrated skin but the dry air during Winters, takes away the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin. The result? Dry, irritated and itchy skin. I’m one of those people who prefer the feet and hands to be especially well hydrated and in fact everyone in my family thinks I am obsessed with body creams. Well, I have my reasons .

Why taking special care of skin is especially important during Winters ? 

  1. Dry Skin: As discussed above, the dry air takes the moisture away from the skin. Avoid very hot showers and any ingredient that may strip away the skin’s natural oil .
  2. Bumps and other infections: you may notice that skin infections tend to increase during Winters and the reason is the cracking of the skin allowing easy access for the bacteria. I know this from my  experience of the dreadful dermatitis I suffered during the Winter of 2008.
  3. Dandruff: there may be many reasons for dandruff and dry skin is a common cause. Dandruff often results in acne and flare ups and one simple way is to keep the scalp clean and of course stay hydrated. Most of us often forget to have enough water during Winters and this leads to dehydration and dry skin .

Since, the weather outside seems to be chilly, one of the best ways for me to unwind is to take a nice warm bath. Let me introduce to you my Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca, an all nature skincare brand created with the purest of nature’s ingredients and extracted oils, blended into naturally nourishing bases.

About Ayca

Ayca, the rising new moon, is the magical moment to sow with love and dedication. Recreated painstakingly for you with the purest of nature’s ingredients and extracted oils, blended into naturally nourishing bases.  Ayca is committed to preserving these ancient crafts and offer a holistic approach to refresh, replenish and revitalise. This philosophy is integral to their process – their intent is purity through traditional methods.

Jasmine Body Wash

Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca
Jasmine Body Wash

A mild, clear foaming gel, the cleanser is suitable for all skin types.  It moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and clean. What I particularly like is that it leaves the skin clean without striping away the natural oils. However , it is the fragrance of Jasmine that I love the most. The fragrance of Jasmine is best for calming the mind and relaxing the senses. The Persians, the Greeks, the Egyptians all knew it had healing properties. Hence, this makes for an amazing Body wash and you get out of the shower feeling hydrated and fresh.

Price : Rs – 875 for 200 ML.

Key Ingredients: Essential Oil of Jasmine in a Coconut Oil derived Gel Base with aqueous extracts of Reetha, Cinnamon & Cupressus Bark, Bay & Neem Leaf & Globe Thistle flowers. Free from Paraben & SLS  Formulation

Directions : Massage over damp skin, then rinse thoroughly.

Ylang Ylang Body Cream

Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca
Ylang Ylang Body Cream .

Ylang Ylang as you may already be aware is used for essential oils and perfumery and considered excellent for distressing and for sleep. This has to be one of the most hydrating clean body creams I have come across. It gives a natural glow to the skin without the sticky feeling and the texture makes it very easy to blend with the skin. Once again, the fragrance is absolutely divine. If you have dry cracked skin, this is your saviour. Enriched with beeswax, the healing body cream is very effective in reducing stretch marks, cellulite and nappy rash.

Price – Rs. 900.00 for 100 grams

Key Ingredients: Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang in an aqueous extract of Bay & Neem Leaf, Cinnamon & Cupressus Bark & GlobeThistle Flowers, Grapeseed, Almond & Lemon Oils in a plant derived base with Beeswax. Free from Paraben & SLS  Formulation.

Directions : Apply and massage in a circular motion until absorbed. To be used daily after a shower/bath.

Grapefruit & Peppermint Body Oil .

Winter Bathing Ritual with Ayca
Grapefruit and Peppermint Oil.

The oil is best for relaxation and de stressing. You can use it after shower or for massages. Grapefruit oil is known to be good with small skin infections. From its aroma, and due to its stimulating effects on certain hormones that uplift the mind, it is great for relaxation and positivity. Peppermint essential oil gives a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body, which can relieve sore muscles. A rejuvenating body oil that is absorbed easily and nourishes the skin, the invigorating properties of grapefruit and peppermint uplift and enliven the senses.

Price : Rs. 800.00 for 100 ml

Key Ingredients: Essential Oils of Grapefruit and Peppermint blended in Sunflower & Wheatgerm Oil.  Free from Paraben & SLS  Formulation

Directions : Use for a body massage or apply on skin right after a shower/bath (as an alternative to body lotion).

Where to Buy ?

To take a look at their skincare range or place orders, visit Ayca .

Spend some quality time with loved ones or by yourself  and enjoy. Don’t let your Skin woes ruin the mood for the festivities. We all have them and it can be well tackled with care. A very Happy New Year to all of you !

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