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Diesel Boutique – Madi.

Hippie Boho Handmade Jewellery Online Diesel Boutique Madi

Bohemian Handmade Jewellery by Diesel Boutique


Mom , Obsessive Organic Foodie , Entrepreneur , Artist and Jewellery Maker

Diesel Boutique came into being when supermom Madi’s world changed after her son Diesel developed autism almost overnight after getting his 1 year shots. It was an every day struggle for weeks, not sleeping and trying to prevent him from hurting himself, it was rough to say the least. Finally , it got to the point where she had had enough and she started to google cures for Autism. From that point onwards she has never looked back and started researching continuously. Madi and the entire family including her two adorable boys eventually changed their complete lifestyle and diet to 100% organic and did away with all chemicals in their lives. It wasn’t overnight, but over the course of eighteen  months her son showed no signs of Autism.  He is now a  normal everyday boy.   Read More »


Purpose Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry - iSanctuary

Purpose Jewelry – iSanctuary

Hand made items always tend to carry the energy of love and warmth as it comes with personal feelings attached to it, as if every little piece has been woven with love and care. I came across few beautiful handmade jewellery pieces by Purpose Jewelry (Purpose Jewelry – iSanctuary ) while practicing my Yoga sessions at a yoga studio. The tags of these items caught my attention as it mentioned that the items were handcrafted by the survivors of human trafficking. What I really appreciated and  loved was the fact that these wonderful women are called survivors and not victims.

The brown stone bracelet on the left is one of my most favourite pieces as it can be worn daily whether you are travelling or you are out for a casual meeting . Each stone is held to  another through metal chains making it sturdy enough to tackle the wearing . It can be paired best with a pair of jeans and top or a long patterned maxi dress. 

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