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Crafts woman corner

Crafts woman corner

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika.

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika.

Milly Design Studio, Anastasija Lagusnika.

Art Enthusiast , Graphic Designer, Craft Junkie and Freelancer

The month of April marks the onset of  Spring and new year for many different regions of the country and I happen to be welcoming it ardently from creating a cleaner website to getting a fresh beautiful logo. Let me  take a moment to introduce to you the logo designer of Beauty Sprinkles who worked tirelessly with me for the past few weeks – Anastasija Lagusnika. Read More »

Crafts woman corner

Diesel Boutique – Madi.

Hippie Boho Handmade Jewellery Online Diesel Boutique Madi

Bohemian Handmade Jewellery by Diesel Boutique


Mom , Obsessive Organic Foodie , Entrepreneur , Artist and Jewellery Maker

Diesel Boutique came into being when supermom Madi’s world changed after her son Diesel developed autism almost overnight after getting his 1 year shots. It was an every day struggle for weeks, not sleeping and trying to prevent him from hurting himself, it was rough to say the least. Finally , it got to the point where she had had enough and she started to google cures for Autism. From that point onwards she has never looked back and started researching continuously. Madi and the entire family including her two adorable boys eventually changed their complete lifestyle and diet to 100% organic and did away with all chemicals in their lives. It wasn’t overnight, but over the course of eighteen  months her son showed no signs of Autism.  He is now a  normal everyday boy.   Read More »

Crafts woman corner

Of Joy and Whimsy- Beth Anne.

Of Joy and Whimsy - Beth Anne

Of Joy and Whimsy , Beth Anne.

Dreamer , painter , artist  and college graduate .

Meet Beth Anne,  a recent college grad living in Jacksonville, FL. Currently she is  searching for a full-time “big girl” job and likes to spend her free time doing what she loves the most: painting. She calls herself an artist and a dreamer. Beth has found an artistic way of using her painting skills to create things that bring joy to others! The  first hand-painted floral wood round was created as a Christmas gift for one of her best friends and after posting a photo of it on Facebook,  Beth received some amazing feedback from friends and family. Many of her friends encouraged her to open an Etsy shop and sell her work. After receiving more positive feedback following the creation of her second custom wood round (made for another friend of hers), “Of joy and whimsy” was born! Read More »

Crafts woman corner

Teddy Room – Marina Kachan

Teddy Room - Marina Kachan

Teddy Room – Marina Kachan.

Mom , Wife , Teddy Artist , Engineer and Craftswoman 

Meet Marina Kachan from Siberia, a stay at home mom , wife ,artist and an engineer . After the company she worked at as an engineer shut down , Marina decided to pursue the career of a teddy artist.  She started the Teddy Room seven years ago and  has been a teddy bear artist for the last seven years now .  The very first teddy bear Marina made was for her mom and it has been living with her ever since. Later, she began a custom to make wedding teddy bears of brides and grooms. Marina found it very interesting to choose their costumes, creating a bouquet of flowers and other wedding details. Creating her teddy bears gave Marina immense amount of pleasure and joy and after a while the couple she made teddy bears for requested her to make a  baby teddy bear. Today, Marina’s teddy bears live all around the world.

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