My name is Alisha and I am an Indian born Creative Artist & Blogger based in Mumbai. I have always had deep passion for creative expression and in living in harmony with the Universe.  Being  someone who constantly desires to grow and evolve while connecting with the like minded , my endless curiosity led me to exploring about what goes into our bodies through food and other items we use daily and how our actions are affecting the environment .

Over the past two years , I have managed to educate myself  about wellness without being a threat to the environment. My blog is about living sustainably and making small conscious choices like choosing  clean skincare  , consuming healthy food, practising yoga and staying fit , traveling , recycling trash and opting for  sustainable fashion and  other products .  Promotion of artisans ,  positive social impact businesses and education for children are causes that are very close to my heart  and I hope to inspire you on staying positive and living your life to the fullest!

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Disclaimer – I review products honestly and only recommend brands that I truly trust after thoroughly researching their backgrounds . However, the posts are for overall wellbeing and cannot be considered an alternative therapy for any disease .I write about natural products and although they may not always be 100 % organic, they are mostly free from harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates , synthetic colours etc. All the recommendations are shared only after using products and services personally . However, a patch test is strongly advised as all skin types and issues related are not alike.

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