Hi . I’m Alisha , writer of beauty sprinkles.com and a Multi- disciplinary creative . I help independent , ambitious and creative trailblazers TAKE CARE  of themselves by starting cleaner lifestyles while they are on their way to CONQUER . My motto – LIVE YOUR DREAMS & SHUT UP THE NAYSAYERS !

When and Why I Started Blogging 

I started this blog in 2015 to share everything that I had learnt over the years about skin issues , weight loss , hormonal problems , career and life ( all 90s kid’s problems )  . A few years of piling on weight , being constantly bogged down by  the world ( although I believe most people always have the best intentions ) and of course  pressures from my own expectations had completely paralysed me . I lost confidence , money , energy and most importantly ,  hope . But like they say , ” Hardships often prepare ordinary people  for extraordinary destiny “, it was time once again to fight back . I  decided to transform and signed up for a complete body transformation challenge called the21 by high profile lifestyle coach – Eefa Shrof .  It was tough , it was challenging but it did just what was required . So , far I’ve lost 12 kgs ( 3% body Fat ) and gained my lost confidence back .  I have been able to change my mindset and focus on things that matter . ( Read the journey here ) . After doing extremely well at my Interior Designing Course I was at a stage where I had to choose between  a Creative business and preparing for a safe 9 to 5 government job . I decided to choose my dreams  and thats when I started this blog  . I love DESIGN and I’m very passionate about CREATIVITY . I’m totally obsessed with the whole culture of Creativity . But to fulfil the dreams and to contribute , I need energy .  It is for this reason that I give my health and wellness top priority . I share everything on the blog keeping in mind readers who constantly want to keep healthy and be more productive .

Who the Blog Is and Isn’t for

This blog serves as a medium of connecting all the Trailblazers – ones who do not give up on their dreams  . The blog is not for someone who likes to be a part of the herd but someone who has their own mind and love their own skin , one who cannot be confined or stereotyped but the one who works hard , thinks creatively and contributes to the world positively .


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