The 21, Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shrof

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The 21, Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shrof

The 21, Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shrof.

The 21 , Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shroff
21 day challenge

The 21, Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shrof.

” When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ” 

We have all come across this quote numerous times and with my recent experience at 21 my belief in it has only  gotten stronger. I have not been very regular with my Instagram or blog post recently because I had been quietly  working on something a lot bigger so as to offer you my best . Without divulging too much into my own story, I will quickly take you through so I can explain how the 21 helped me get ‘un stuck ‘.

Weight gain and the depressive self sabotaging thought patterns . 

When I hit puberty my body changed drastically and I gained a few extra kilos. Along with those extra kilos came needless criticism. With the extremely limited knowledge I had and just by cycling, I managed to lose about 5 inches of my waistline. This ordeal helped me focus better and made me confident that I could tackle problems on my own. For me it signified winning over my obstacles. However, after a gap of ten years I once again started piling on weight and so much so that in just 3 years, I got 20 kilos overweight. Not being able to get back to my desired level of fitness has done all the damage it could have. My confidence had spiralled down and I started seeing myself as a disillusioned fool trying different things to lose weight. I got tired of carrying a body so heavy that it felt like it was mine. I had even lost the will to socialise, more so after a few acquaintances failed to recognise me. However, what really pissed me was being written off. Not being able to win over my obstacles kept me ‘stuck’ and as such I could not even progress otherwise. It made me sick to see myself  as someone who had potential and a promising future but is a failure now. I decided it was time for me to practise a more intense form of yoga and my quest ultimately lead me to Eefa Shrof.

Why The 21 day challenge ?

The 21 , Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shroff

The 21 day challenge by Supernova Fitness & Nutrition Challenge with Eefa Shrof  is designed to make a physical breakthrough. Consisting of  Ashtanga Yoga, Kettle Bell and Core Training for 90 mins and 6 days a week, the 21 day challenge is much more than just a hardcore  work out regime.

It takes roughly about 21 days to change or form a new habit and Eefa and her resolute team work together to  help you form a strong one with the accurate knowledge.  At 21, you are equipped to take your fitness goals to the next level starting right from practising with correct postures. Working in a team with other challengers also help you learn about team building and the spirit of sportsmanship giving you even better reasons to continue and undergo the physical challenges. These physical challenges will ultimately help you break through the mental blockages and unleash your real powers. Motivations will come and go many times but what is really required is the determination, focus, strong habits and self discipline.

The Challenge consists of three parts – the orientation weekend workshop, the 21 days of practice and the goal setting class ending with either a fire walk or board breaking session.

The Orientation Weekend Workshop- 

The first day of the workshop consists of the nutrition plans and postures while the next day comprises of work out and learning to injury proof one’s self. For me, it quickly made me realise where I was going wrong all these years. It was the lack of right education about the nutrition plans. As opposed to being put on a diet of a few crackers, oats, water, thin air and all such things, I was actually put on a good 2000 calorie diet and yes not on a “only protein no carb diet“. My goal was developing self discipline and losing about 2 to 3 kilos of weight .

The Challenge

The 21 , Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shroff
Ashtanga Yoga

As I  discussed above, the challenge consists of Ashtanga Yoga, Kettle Bell and Core Training for 90 mins and 6 days a week. Once every week is a cheat day for us. Training at the 21 has been a path breaking experience for me. I am amazed at the level of energy I have now  after completing the challenge as compared to the first day. I was running out of breath easily and finding it exhausting to hold postures. The physical change and emotional well being thereafter has been transformational. One person who keeps me going and has been my constant source of inspiration is Eefa herself.

The 21 , Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shroff
The Team Nisha , Eefa and Liselle

At only 23 years of age, Eefa met with a near fatal accident . After going through a couple of  painful surgeries, she refused to have another leg surgery. Despite of the doctor warning her of ending on a wheel chair forever, Eefa decided not to go through the torture once again. Instead, she went ahead not only to walk but also run within less than a year. This is how a young woman formed character, tackled  adversities  and came out not just a fighter but also as a champion conquering over her obstacles. Eefa is a living example of how you focus ahead and stay true to you commitment and professionalism even at a time of personal loss. When you have such a hero as your mentor, you can never come up with an excuse for not bettering yourself and getting over your own limitations.

I am taking life lessons from the21 and I am grateful to Eefa and her team – Liselle, Nisha and Kayaan who share the same professionalism as the ‘coach’ herself.

Ending the 21 day Challenge 

Goal setting is followed by the last challenge that is supposed to help us break free from the mental constraints we have limited ourselves with. The challenge ends with board breaking or fire walk. Board breaking challenge was a lot of fun for me as I was in slight doubt about being able to break the board. I also recalled how it had been my ardent wish while I was growing up. Sometimes we get so busy with our lives that we often forget our small wishes and dreams we had while growing up. Starting with the board breaking, it is now time for me to revisit my childhood and fulfill all those lost wishes one at a time.

About Supernova Fitness and Eefa Shroff – 

Eefa Shrof is a qualified yoga instructor, a certified coach and an NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] master practitioner. Her private clients include Bollywood stars including Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Anushka Sharma amongst many others. Eefa has a list of qualifications and expertise in Fitness and Nutrition from reputable institutions like  ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), Nesta (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association), Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Firewalking Institute of Research and Institute amongst many others.

How to contact

The 21 , Supernova Fitness Challenge with Eefa Shroff
The Coach

To be a part of the challenge visit the 21 and follow Supernova Fitness & Nutrition.

I would strongly recommend the 21 especially for people with mental blockages  or mental limitations. I got into the 21 to make a change in my lifestyle, more to break free from the self sabotaging thought pattern. The goal is to lose the extra kilos and maintain a fit lifestyle. As the resilient coach with the kindest eyes and the brightest smile would say, “Decide if you want to look good in a particular dress or look good naked.” 😉

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