6 Steps to Fight Low Stamina

6 Steps to Fight Low Stamina

6 Steps to Fight Low Stamina

6 Steps to Fight Low Stamina

The reason why most of us are afraid to even begin workouts or practise yoga is low levels of stamina . So, how to get started ? Urmi Kothari of Kinetic Living gives us six steps to improve stamina and kick start a work out regime . With a cumulative experience of over 15 years in sports, martial arts, Functional training, Kettle bells, yoga and Pilates , Urmi is an IFAA Master Trainer, Certified Pilates and Kettle bell Teacher and most recently a Nike Elevated Trainer. Read her interview here .

Remember to talk to your physician before starting on any workout regime .

” When it comes to the body, be it stamina, strength or a physical skill like balance, flexibility etc , you use it or lose it. Even the brain is made like that. Nature made us in a way that we should put all our faculties to use in the right way. The only way to break poor stamina is to start slow with 15 minutes short workouts three to four times a week. Going for a walk is good if you are completely inactive . But honestly, it is not going to push you out of your comfort zone. Make time or else your body will eventually force you to make time for it. This is what exactly Kinetic Living focuses on. To first, train the body to bring about a mental and hence a lifestyle transformation. We help people break this vicious cycle of low stamina, low energy, no workouts and hence even lower stamina. ”

6 Steps to Fight Low Stamina

Urmi Kothari

1. Start Small : short workouts that demand less . Thrice a week is a good start. Focusing on consistency over enthusiastic start and poor finish.  Pace out your workouts during the week.
2 .  Do Not Compare : dont compare yourself to your role model or a celebrity or someone else. TAKE INSPIRATION from them.
3 . Partner with buddy : partner with a work buddy where u both go or do a workout before or after work. Also, inform your close friends and ask them to keep tabs if you finish your quota of workouts.
4 . Be Consistent : something is better than nothing.  If you are travelling, hit the hotel gym or the pool. or do 50 jumping jacks, 50 jog on the spot and climb stairs for 5 to 10 min depending on your level.
5 . Stretch : many times stiff muscles due to stress and AC can give a feeling of lethargy or fatigue. Stretching improves blood circulation and hence, oxygenation throughout the body.
6. Eat right & on time : Eat on time and avoid processed food. Fast food plays havoc with your energy levels by taking your blood sugar levels for a roller coaster ride.

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