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10 Ways to Battle Acne

10 Ways to Battle Acne

10 Ways to Battle Acne

There must have been a time in each of our lives when we had to experience breakouts and acne , not to forget the embarrassment and the lack of confidence it brings along  . I am sharing 10 ways to battle acne out of my own experience of dealing with it in the past.  Also, please remember severe acne needs to be examined by a dermatologist and may need medication. 

  1. Diet – I know this sounds boring and difficult but it is the first step to clearer skin . Start by drinking a lot of water to flush out toxins . Include vegetables like beetroot and carrot , especially raw in your lunch . Have fruits that have high fiber content to avoid bowel issues. Let go of junk food , processed food , aerated drinks and desserts. At least until you are completely healed. Replace chocolate with raw cacao which instead helps boost body with antioxidants .
  2. Antioxidants and Omega 3 Fatty acids – include fruits like grapes , blueberries , raspberries , strawberries and kale etc for antioxidants . For Omega 3 fatty acids have fish , chia seeds, nuts , flaxseed etc.
  3. Minimal Make up – avoid make up completely until the skin starts healing . Keep the skin clean and use a mild face wash and a moisturiser. ( Check here ) . Remember to use a sunscreen especially when out in the Sun as it tends to severely affect acne. Using too much make up will not only clog  pores but can also help bacteria breed . Remember to never share make up brushes or sponges and to wash them regularly .
  4. Avoid Alcohol based products & steroid creams – avoid falling prey to harsh alcohol based face washes as they tend to strip skin of natural oils . Steroid creams unless recommended by dermatologist will handle acne for sometime but over time it comes with its own problems.
  5. Hair care – keeping scalp and hair clean is extremely important for keeping skin clear. Dandruff is often a cause of acne .
  6. Avoid experimenting – stay away from introducing too many products onto your skin . We all get tempted but then the skin takes all the abuse and allergies .
  7. High Hygiene Standards  – for people with acne high hygiene standards are mandatory . Never use a shared towel ( like in hotels or a flight ) or share your own towel. I would say ditch face towels  all together . Replace it with tissue paper as there is no fear of growing bacteria . Also , always sleep on clean natural fabric pillows and replace them regularly .
  8. Avoid Synthetic Fabrics – wear natural fabrics and fitted clothes and avoid synthetic tight clothes. Sweat accumulating will again lead to bacteria and moreover will not allow the skin to breathe .
  9. Sleep Well – get at least 8 hours of sound sleep for the mind and body to relax. Stress will cause havoc to the hormonal balance resulting in aggressive breakouts .
  10. Be Cool – don’t stress over acne too much . Like I said it happens to all of us especially when we are at a point when sebum or oil production is high . Just remember not to touch your face with bare hands and also to never prick at them. Pricking or scratching will leave scars forever, on face though . 😛

Just enjoy yourselves and put your cool on . 😎

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    As you said hygiene is very important. Nice post ?

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