Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Growing up,  I followed a very strict regime so as to not gain any weight but since I hit my mid twenties I have been gaining weight at a stretch . It is not that I do not try or not that I am not willing to give it a little more. But what seems to be a problem is low energy levels and the constant need for motivation . For me and for all for you , I decided to post a story on a small talk that I had with Urmi Kothari ,the founder and Facilitator of Kinetic Living. With a cumulative experience of over 15 years in sports, martial arts, Functional training, Kettle bells, yoga and Pilates , Urmi is an IFAA Master Trainer, Certified Pilates and Kettle bell Teacher and most recently a Nike Elevated Trainer.

Q. With a background in sports, martial arts, dance and most importantly, a broad range of fitness disciplines , it is a given that you have mastered the art of breathing but when it comes to beginners , most of us are not even aware of our breath and that our problem may be stemming out of it . Could you guide us to what would be a good way to start a conscious breathing practice?

A. Due to lifestyle and stress -induced postures and state-of-mind most beginners or people who don’t practice any form of mindful physical movement, generally breathe shallow and only from their upper-thoracic region or mainly chest breathing. Visually it can be seen when their shoulders distinctly rise and fall as they inhale and exhale . In many cases, de-conditioned bodies tend to push their belly button out in exhalation which in fact is the opposite of the ideal breath. Secondly , there is very little awareness of how breath connects with our abdominal and deeper core muscles such as the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are actually responsible for our sense of well-being and they can be activated with the correct form of breath pattern. A good way to start breathing is to focus on breathing air into the lungs as if they are expanding sideways like a balloon rather than just inflate the belly. This facilitates the inhaled air into deeper cavities of lungs for efficient oxygenation while calming the mind and bringing focus. Now, while exhaling think of emptying the air from the belly and lungs and you will see that automatically the abdominal cavity draws inwards.

Yoga directs inhalation and exhalation through the nose while Pilates directs breathing in through the nose and breathing out from the mouth. However, for general purposes both should be done through the nose. 

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Urmi Kothari

Q. Sedentary lifestyles or hectic schedules has robbed us good health and cursed us with a long list of lifestyle diseases , most of them originating with excess belly fat .What form of exercise would be best get rid of fats in the abdomen region?

A. News flash! Doing any amount of abdomen exercises will not reduce the belly fat. It will only tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal region. To really burn the fat around the belly, one must do full-body workouts (intensity varies according to fitness levels) , eat low GI foods that don’t cause sudden spikes in sugar levels and get enough sleep . Any form of stress can add fat around the belly as well


Q. For the ones who get bored of a monotonous workout regime , what do you think will keep them going in the long run?

A. Staying out of the comfort zone, mixing it up, using your brain and not brawn alone during a workout and learning new skills. Something that helps move from external motivation like (looks, fashion, image, six packs, fad diets) to internally driven (feeling at peace, mind-body sync, sense of achievement, competing with oneself) .

Q. At Kinetic Living , you seem to working more like a team as well as taking care of the Awareness and Happiness quotient. Could you tell us more about Kinetic Living and the quotients ?

A.Kinetic Living shows you how you can use your body to transform your mind. When you achieve a good physical quotient through mindful movements, you increase your awareness quotient which translates into not only your posture but also the way you lead your lifestyle on an everyday basis. Once that awareness sets in, you will align your lifestyle according to what suits YOU best and not in comparison to someone else and that is ultimately going to help you achieve your best potential and turn into this fireball of kinetic energy. That in turn will  make your happiness quotient shoot through the roof .

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Working Out with Urmi Kothari

Q. Diet seems to be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle . What are the small changes that would bring a positive change in the overall health ?
The list is long and very varied but whatever diet one follows the universal rule is that if you to cut out packaged food and you will cut out most of the evils. And by packaged food,  I even packaged (tetrapacked) milk .

Q.Currently, a renewed wave is seen in running but as we know running has to be done the right way. How do we start practising running and what are the points to remember for people with injury ?

Start small and start right. Learn the correct running techiques and consult a running coach on the running plan.  Ideally 3 to 4 runs are enough in any training plan but the intensity varies according to goals and fitness levels. To prevent injury, one has to do good warm ups, cool downs and correct release techniques. Drop by for a workshop or a session with kinetic Living and you will learn a thing or two about feet intelligence as well which is very important to running technique.

Q. Are there any specialised workshops for beginners and do you have any upcoming workshops at Kinetic Living ?

A. We have daily classes at Tangerine Art Studio in Pali Hill on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15 am and 8:15 pm . We recently did a workshop on running injury free and it was met with great response.

For all details on visit Kinetic Living or Call on +919821981258 or email at


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