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Dairy Free Nut Butters – Protein Bake Shop

Dairy Free Butters - Protein Bake Shop

Dairy Free Butters – Protein Bake Shop

It is of no wonder that one of most important factors in order to implement a healthier lifestyle  is to follow a healthy diet. Since most of us are giving up dairy products for some reason or the order, I too got myself acquainted with the side effects of preservatives used in the dairy products that have been linked to hormonal imbalances ( I still have organic cow’s or goat’s milk). To start with , I picked up two dairy free butters from Protein Bake Shop.

  1. Paleo Almond Butter – 200 ml Rs 600
Dairy Free Butters - Protein Bake Shop

Almond Butter

Nutrition Facts – (per 2 TBSP)

Carbohydrates: 6.6|| Sugar : 1.2 || Protein: 6.3 || Fat:13 || Calories 172

Ingredients – Almonds and Coconut Oil

The Almond butter smells delicious and has a thick consistency. For my dose of good fat I add it to my smoothies. Otherwise, you can use it in your protein shakes or fruits. Raw almonds give it a crunchy taste while the coconut oils help smoothen the texture. If you are someone who doesn’t stick to having your 7 almonds per day then you should definitely get yourself a jar, as the butter tastes a lot better than just chewing on to raw almonds. I totally love the fact that it contains NO REFINED SUGARS AND NO PRESERVATIVES. Also, it is completely dairy free. It is gluten free and soy free but since the ones available in Mumbai are produced locally in a facility , it may contain egg, soy and wheat ingredients. Because of no preservatives the expiry duration is about two to three months but given to the taste and the benefits it is sure to last only for a few weeks. The price is also kept reasonable as  we are all aware of the price of nuts in the market.

Did You Know ?

Almond is the only nut and one of the few proteins that is ALKALINE in nature. It helps keep sugar levels stable and it excellent for hair and skin.

Coconut Oil helps boost metabolism, supports thyroid function and immune system. It is equally good for the skin as it is for the body.

(source- the protein bakeshop)

2. Paleo Cashew Butter – 200 gms for Rs 600

Dairy Free Butters - Protein Bake Shop

Cashew Butter

Nutrition Facts – (per 2 TBSP)

Carbohydrates: 7.3 || Sugar : 1.4 || Protein: 4.4 || Fat:16.2 || Calories : 182

Ingredients – Cashews and Coconut Oil.

The Cashew butter does not smell as good as the almond butter but it definitely tastes better. You can spread it over a crunchy red apple or any your bread for a snack or breakfast. The consistency is good and the butter is creamier. So, if you are fond of cheese spread you should definitely try this out. When it comes to ingredients everything is almost the same except for the use of cashews in one and almonds in the other. The cute jars are made of glass so it is not harmful for both you and the environment and is recyclable as well.

Did You Know ?

Cashews are a good source of Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin B 6. They contain vitamins that are essential for metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates at the cellular level.

I came of with a great but simple smoothie by blending the two butters with almond milk , cranberries, blueberries, banana and dates. To garnish and also for the amazing benefits it offers, I sprinkled some chia seeds on top. I recommend these dairy free butters if you are trying to lead a healthier life and also because it comes at a reasonable rate.

How to Order –

The Protein Bake Shops delivers in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Mumbai and other parts in India like Delhi , Chennai, Kolkatta, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

To place an online order, click here

Alternatively,  you can also call on these numbers for orders –

Mumbai–  +919820025574 and Dubai – +971501815030

The Paleo Range 

The paleo range is free from gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar and preservatives. All of these are lower in carb and higher in protein and healthy fats compared to their regular counterparts available in the market today. Paleo in general refers to eating real unprocessed food for optimal health.

The Protein Bake Shop

The Protein Bake Shop was established in 2013 by clinical nutritionalist and diabetic educator Rashi Chowdhary. Rashi is a nutritionist and an inch loss expert. She has  done an intensive 5-year degree course in human nutrition and is  a certified diabetic educator.

I hope I could help you with a few tips on staying healthy today. Keep coming back to the blog for more posts on health and wellness. Have a mindful day. 😉



*Images Via Protein Bake Shop*

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