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Ma Earth Botanicals Rose

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub And Water Toner

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner is a steam distilled, completely natural, gentle, alcohol-free Rose Water. Since it is totally chemical free, you can use it to calm , refresh and balance your skin. Can be used alone as a toner to hydrate and remove impurities and also as a dissolver with other products like the Rose Facial Scrub for getting rid of dead skin cells . I love the rose water because of its natural fragrance as opposed to a sharp chemical stench often emitted by the so called chemical rose water available in huge numbers at stores all around . But as always with purely natural products do give it a patch test before trying the product on your face. It helped me reduce redness and also keep my face refreshed after a long tiring day.

How to use : Just spritz onto face after cleansing or use it with the rose scrub.

230 ml for Rs 535. Click here to buy

Ma Earth Botanical Rose Facial Scrub is a facial scrub comprising of rose petals, powdered nuts and plant extracts which exfoliates skin , brightens and gives the skin a natural glow. I usually stay away from scrubs as I have an extremely sensitive skin but this facial scrub is very light and provided radiance to my otherwise tired skin. The product has the aroma of roses and of nuts and I am reminded of all the times ‘kheer’ was being prepared at home during festivities as the ingredients used  in the product are the same used in the delicacy.

The rose scrub comprises of  oats, rose, sweet almond, milk, rose oil and geranium oil. I recommend the product as it is not only natural  but is also gentle on the skin. Simple enough to be used regularly,  it keeps keep grime and dead cells away.

How to use : Mix one teaspoon with rose water or milk to form a wet paste. Using circular upward movements, gently scrub the paste over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. You can keep the mask for a few minutes and then wash it off.

125 gm for Rs 875. Click here to buy

Read all about Ma Earth Botanicals and their founders on this post.

All products are chemical free ,cruelty free and they are also free from SLES, Parabens and Sulphates.

Both the above mentioned rose products are also – Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Sulphate Free * No Artificial coloring * No Synthetic Fragrances.

Where to Buy?

En Inde, SPACE, 125.126 Meharchnd Market, New Delhi, India.
Ne Sacha’s Shop, Goa.
Teatro Dhora, Jaipur.
Moments by Riona. Pune

You can also buy Ma Earth Botanicals online here or from MSM Box website.

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose


I am taking an endeavour to use only natural and eco friendly  products and if you are also on the same path then I recommend that you try Ma Earth Botanicals for a holistic approach . I hope you found the article informative and if you wish to leave any comments then please do so below. Thank You . Love to all.

*Featured Image via Ma Earth Botanicals

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