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Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Care

Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser And Conditioner

Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser And Conditioner

Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser And Conditioner

Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser And Conditioner. With all the knowledge and information we have today ,it has become  all the more easy for us to give back to nature all that we take from it. Ma Earth Botanicals is an Indian Luxury brand  which makes handcrafted products that contain no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, synthetic additives or artificial fragrances. Their products are affordable and gentle on skin. I have been using their products for a few months now and  I will be reviewing some of their best products in my upcoming posts.

Ma Earth Botanicals ( Background )

Ma Earth Botanicals believe in the principle that ‘YOUR BODY IS A MINI UNIVERSE’. The core belief is that we are made of Mother Earth’s elements. Their aim is to promote a holistic and over all wellness . All the products are made from the highest quality essential oils, vegetable oils and unrefined butters that are cold pressed to preserve their natural goodness and healing properties. As mentioned above all products are chemical free,cruelty free and they are also free from SLES, Parabens and Sulphates. Since,the products are made from vegetable and plant extracts, they should be kept away from direct sunlight and since they contain pure elements it is very important to carry out a patch test before to check for allergies. After extensive research of twenty years, Ma Earth Botanicals was formally launched in September 2013 in New Delhi by founders Swarn Sukh and Geetanjali Sukh. Swarn trained herself as classical  Homeopath  and established one of the most reputable Homeopathy practices in Lagos, Nigeria. She further went on to learn yoga, nature therapy and reiki, thus becoming a holistic alternative therapy practitioner. Geetanjali Sukh is the CEO, Co-Founder & Director of Research & Development. Geetanjali is a Homeopath and Aromatherapist and has developed an expertise in Soap making, Cosmetology and Dermatology. Geetanjali is also a licensed homeopath and aromatherapy practitioner. Along with it , she is a Crochet artist and confectionary baker.

Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

The first thing I noted about the shampoo was the lingering smell of fresh herbs. Because of its thick texture, you are suppose to dilute one capful in half cup water and massage lightly onto wet hair. Then, we continue to massage for one-two minutes and finish with the conditioner. I am extremely happy with the results. My hair is clean , very soft and shiny. It is also keeping the frizz at bay and enhancing my natural waves. The fragrance is mild enough for somebody like me who is not a big fan of strong and heavy perfumes. The ingredients used for the shampoo are – Ritha and Bhringraj for promoting hair strength , growth, softness  and removal of excess oil; Shikakai for gentle cleaning ; Jojoba oil for maintaining the scalp’s natural balance and shine while providing elasticity and softness to the hair; Rosemary for help stimulating hair roots and encouraging hair growth along with its stress relieving properties and Cedarwood and Thyme having strong anti-bacterial qualities to promote hair growth.

The conditioner works exceptionally well for hydrating dry hair and aids in detangling, adding volume and softening tresses. Ingredients used for the conditioner are Aloe vera , Licorice , Amla ,Rosemary and Cedarwood. Both the products are –

Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Sulphate Free * No Artificial coloring * No Synthetic Fragrances. 


Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser And Conditioner


Where to Buy?

  1. En Inde, SPACE, 125.126 Meharchnd Market, New Delhi, India.
  2. Ne Sacha’s Shop, Goa.
  3. Teatro Dhora, Jaipur.
  4. Moments by Riona. Pune

You can also place an order online through their  website .

If you wish to buy products that are eco- friendly, cruelty free and chemical free, Ma Earth Botanicals is here to provide all that you have been waiting for.  Keep reading and come back to read more on Ma Earth Botanicals.

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